Walt Disney World Vacation Trip Report - Day 2: Halloween Party

Here we are on Part 2 of Day 2: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

After a wonderful day in Animal Kingdom and a quick nap, it was time to get ready and head over to the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party. There is so much to do at the party and you'll never be able to do all of it in one night. There are two showings of the Boo To You Parade, Hallowishes fireworks show, several Villains Mix and Mingle shows, dance parties and many character meetings.

We didn't have a set plan going into it but the only thing I really wanted to do was meet Jack and Sally from The Nightmare before Christmas. We got into the park around 630 and it was packed! Jack and Sally were meeting right in the front of the park at the Town Square. We debated whether to meet get in line for that first or make our way through the park. The line looked pretty short so we decided to hop on. It was 6:40 by this point and had to wait 20 minutes before he even came out. We became friendly with another couple behind us and we ended up taking each others picture.


We dressed up as Mickey and Minnie! Melissa's mother was very creative and made us our shoe covers and put the white spots on my shorts. Thank you once again!

It was finally 7pm and a PA announcement went throughout the whole park telling us that it was the start of the party. They played different renditions of all the classic Halloween songs like "Grin Grinning Ghosts" and "This is Halloween." Jack and Sally finally came out as well!


Now Melissa and I don't have much experience meeting characters. It's usually not our thing but I was on a mission for selfies. Also, in this case, I really wanted to meet Jack and Sally. Well, we were totally bad at judging how long the line would take. Waiting in line for characters and a ride are totally different. After 45 minutes of waiting we almost left the line but decided to stick it out. People starting lining up for the first parade and we were right by the end of it. It was 8:15 when the first parade was starting and we were still in line but it was almost our turn.

The Headless Horseman comes riding out at the beginning of the parade and the rest of the parade slowly follows him. I grabbed the only picture I could of him.


A few minutes later it was finally our turn to meet Jack and Sally!


They were awesome! No wonder the line took so line, they were all about meeting and interacting with us which was wonderful. Jack told us that we were dressed up as rodents...

Sally proceeded to grab my arm and look up my sleeve.


I have a tattoo on my arm but she thought it was some strange stitching. I told her that I didn't have as many stitches as her and Jack said she is very clumsy and gets new ones all the time.


 No wonder the line took so line, they spent a good amount of time with each group. It was well worth the hour and a half wait to meet them. The one thing I loved the most was the way Sally moved because she kept in character with Sally from the film. It was the small detail that made it a little more awesome. It was time to wrap things up but first a couple of photos.


I think Jack said something about how small they looked as I was talking a selfie. It was a great experience but if you go to the Halloween Party in the future, don't visit them in the beginning of the night. Jack and Sally are one of the most popular character meets at the party. We saw that the line at the end of the night was a lot shorted. It was well worth the wait.

As we finished, we made our way down Main Street and the front of the parade was just getting there. Perfect timing! I started taking pictures and a guy was kind enough to let us in front of him to view the parade. His wife and kids were sitting on the curb and he didn't care much for it so it worked out well. Here are some of the good photos I grabbed from the parade.


As the parade ended, we were really hungry by this point. We headed over to Tomorrowland to go to Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe. I feel bad because I didn't take any pictures of our food . It wasn't anything special, just burgers and fries. By the time we were finished eating, it was almost time for the fireworks which I believed started at 9:30. We were on one of the bridges between the castle and Tomorrowland. Pretty much near the entrance where Merida meets. It wasn't a great view but we didn't want to enter the huge crowd in front of the castle.

After watching the fireworks for a bit, we decided to make a break for the Haunted Mansion. We were going to see HalloWishes again later in the week so I didn't feel so bad not watching them. We thought while everyone was watching the fireworks, no one would be on the Haunted Mansion. We walked briskly through Tomorrowland, around the back of the castle through Fantasyland and made it to the Mansion as the fireworks were ending. It was perfect timing because there was little wait for the ride. 


After we got off the ride, it line was huge! I'm glad we rode it when we did. After that, we decided to take our time and walk through Frontierland. We stopped at a Trick or Treat location on our way and grabbed some candy. Not sure what to do as this point, we walked through Adventureland and found another trick or treat spot. Captain Jack Sparrow was having a meet and greet near by as well. The line was about a 15 minute wait but we didn't really want to wait anymore ha. But we said, what the hell and hopped on line. 

But guess what, it was time for him to take a break and he'd be back soon. We said screw it and moved on. There is one thing that I have never had in my life up to this point and it was a Dole Whip. We were passing Aloha Isle and I said that we had to stop to get one. Everyone raves about them so I figured that I must try it. In the end, I wasn't all that impressed. I think my expectations were too high at this point. Sorry 

It was after 11 at this point and we were really tired. It was a long day and it got the better of us. We found a lonely photopass photographer so we had him take our picture.


We had a great time at the party but I wouldn't do it again. It is definitely worth doing at least once when you get the chance. If you want to meet characters like Jack & Sally or the Seven Dwarves, try visiting them at the end of the night when the lines are longer. The Boo To You is definitely one of the best parades Disney World has and was worth seeing.


Coming up next is Day 3 at Hollywood Studios!