Walt Disney World Vacation Trip Report - Day 3: Hollywood Studios

Sorry for the delay but I have been so busy and I finally have time to write about Day 3. It was time for Hollywood Studios!

We started out the morning slow pretty from being too tired the previous day. As we were getting ready, I wanted to make sure I packed those Fastpasses that we got after we were stuck on Splash Mountain. Remember that happening? Well, I'm always the one to read the fine lines and I didn't read that the Fastpasses were only for Magic Kingdom. They also expired today so they went to waste. Our plan was to use them for Toy Story Mania since it's always difficult to ride it.

For the readers that don't know about Toy Story Mania, it is a fairly new ride in Hollywood Studios that is similar to the Buzz Lightyear Ride in Magic Kingdom. You have 3D glasses, a gun and you challenge the player next to you by scoring as many points as possible by playing circus games. It is definitely one of the most popular rides in all 4 parks. If you don't rush over to the ride at park opening to get a fastpasses, then you are SOL. During the day, the ride won't go below an hour wait time. 

Anyways, enough about Toy Story Mania and on with our day! We arrived around 10am and headed straight for Tower of Terror (ToT) and Rockin Roller Coaster (RRC). The fastpass for ToT was shorter than RRC for we grabbed fast passes for ToT. 


There was about a 40 minute wait for RRC but I felt like it was a lot longer than that. I usually don't mind waiting in Disney queues but RRC has probably one of the worst ha. Its boring and nothing good to look at. We noticed there were a lot of people going on the single riders lines and thought that we would do hop on that line the next time. We finally rode it and it was as awesome as I remember.


After RRC our fastpasses were ready for ToT. I was scared to go on because I remember this making me pretty sick even with Dramamine. Oh well, had to go on anyways. 


I just love the mist that they have going as you walk through the queue and the attention to detail inside the hotel.


I didn't get too sick after riding it! Woo! But I never rode it again for the rest of the trip...

We continued on through the park and I couldn't help but get a picture in front of the hat. As you can see, I am wearing my R2D2 Mickey eyes and my Toy Story t-shirt. 


We were on our way to Star Wars and saw Indiana Jones was going to start in a bit, so we decided to go check it out. 


We got seats close to the front but pretty far off to the left. I was just excited to see the show since its been so long.


Now they started choosing volunteers to be part of the show. I wasn't going to raise my hand but Melissa convinced me. The next round of volunteers were being chosen so I stand up and raise my hand like a maniac. And what do ya know, I got picked! I think it was because of the Mickey ears. I was brought on stage with two other women and the MC wanted us to act a bit. She had the girls do a cute giggly laugh while I have to an an evil maniacal laugh. I think I was pretty well.


After we were done, she sent us to the top of the amphitheater for wardrobe. Here is my costume.


The group that was picked sat and watched the first act together. Then it was our time to shine. The MC brought us to the stage and talked to us about what we were suppose to do. Pretty much we were told to pretend to be shopping then all hell will break loose and fighting will start to occur. In the following pictures, you will see us being moved around the stage, following Indiana and cheering for him. I was the only person wearing a hat so I'm pretty easy to spot.


I never expected to be a part of the show but it was a lot of fun! It was a great experience and gave me a wonderful memory.

After the Indiana Jones show was over, we finally made our way to Star Tours. I haven't been on it since it was updated and apparently it will be different every time you go on. I thought it was great and I couldn't wait to go on and try it again. 


Muppet Vision 3D was next on our list but before we went we spotted The Writers Shop. I heard you are able to get an amazing Carrot Cake cookie. This was kind of hidden and I would have walked right past if Melissa didn't see it. Sure enough, they had the Carrot Cake Cookie and it was fantastic! Yummy! 


On we went to the Muppets and it is funny as always. After that, my mind is fuzzy and I don't really remember what we did ha. I am confident around this time, we went back to RRC to grab fastpasses. I definitely remember doing that. Our dinner reservations at the Brown Derby was soon so we headed towards the Captain Jack Sparrow ride which I knew nothing about. 


We waited probably like 30 minutes to go on and it was probably the worst attraction that we went on so far ha. Not worth the wait at all ha. We only waited because we had time to kill. Pretty much you stand in this room with a pirate ship and it tells you a lame story. Don't go on it... 


We had early dinner reservations at the Brown Derby for 3:30. I signed us up for the Fantasmic Dinner Package which gives up VIP seating for the show. This is one of Melissa's favorites restaurants in Disney and this was my first time eating there. 


The package gives includes a 3 prefixed meal. I honestly can't remember what we ordered for our appetizers and I'm upset that I didn't get pictures of it ha. 

For my dinner I got All-Natural Herb-roasted Rack of Lamb over a Buttermilk Blue Cheese-Corn Pudding with a Chianti and Sweet Onion Reduction.


Melissa got Duck Two Ways - Sautéed Confit with Swiss Chard over a Herb and Goat Cheese Polenta Cake finished with a Pan-seared Maple Bourbon, and Duck Margret in a Sun-dried Cherry Sauce. Everything was amazing!


For dessert I got Warm Seasonal Fruit Cobbler with Crème Fraîche and Orange Blossom Honey. Melissa got Strawberry Champagne Cheesecake with Macerated Strawberries and Dark Chocolate Caviar Crisps. The cheesecake was amazing but the cobbler was a little too sweet for me. 


We were so full from dinner but it was time to venture out through the park some more.

After dinner we headed into the Magic of Animation and I didn't realize that you were able to meet a lot of the characters. 


We didn't want to meet all of them so I decided that I wanted to meet Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz!


When we were done we decided to head back into Pixar Place. 


The queue was still really long for Toy Story Mania but Buzz and Woody were out so we went to go meet them. As we were standing in line we said that we weren't feeling up to riding RRC again. We decided to give away out Fastpasses to a lucky couple standing outside and they were very happy and thankful for the passes. Then we got to thinking, instead of waiting for Buzz and Woody, we should wait for Toy Story Mania instead. It was only an hour wait and we had time to kill. So on we went!

The queue had a lot of cool things that reminded me of the movie. I took plenty of pictures.


After waiting 45 minutes we got some very good news... The ride broke down and we had to leave the queue. Boy was there a lot of pissed people. I was too but couldn't help but laugh at the situation. After everyone cleared the area, the Green Army Men came out and I was one of the first people to see them so I grabbed a selfie.


It was almost time for Fantasmic as this point so we head back towards Star Tours to take a walk around Echo Lake. 


As we got closer to the amphitheater, they were selling the Glow with the Show Mickey Ears. This was the first night the ears were debuting in Walt Disney World. They have been at Disneyland for awhile but this was the very first time people could see them in action in WDW. Glow with the Show ears is exactly how it sounds. The Mickey ears will sync up before the show starts and glow along with the show. We were debating on buying them but at $25 bucks a hat, we decided not to. 

We walked through a special entrance where Fastpass+ holders and VIP's go. I felt pretty special ha. I had no idea where they were going to sit us and I thought I remember reading that the seats weren't that great. I did the dinner package so we didn't have to wait in a really long line to see Fantasmic. As we walked in, little did I know but they sat us in the very center on the amphitheater! It was awesome, I was so excited.


Soon enough, the MC's started to come out to get everyone excited and they started talking about the hats. They were saying how the show was going to be live broadcasted. Since it was being filmed, they need more people to have hats so they gave our entire section free hats! We were the only section in the theater to get hats. We were right in front of the cameras so they needed more hats. I couldn't believe how lucky we were. 


The hats were so awesome in action and you really have to be there to be immerse in the show. Videos don't do it just but here are a couple that I took.


I always loved Fantasmic and the show was so much better with the hats. I'm so happy we were able to get them. We got lucky a couple times today. It had been a really long day and were going to head back to the hotel but I looked on the Disney Experience app and Toy Story Mania only had a 40 minute wait. We said screw it and booked it over as fast as we could! We made it before a lot of other people got there. The wait only ended up only being 30 minutes. 

No wonder everyone is so crazy about this ride, it is so much fun! I wanted to go on it again and again! It was finally time to head back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Hollywood Studios was an amazing day which brought us some surprises.