Reddit Gift Exchange - Disney Version

Some of you may be have heard of the website  Well they have another website called that has a marketplace to buy things and gift exchanges.  The gift exchanges work like secret santa, you know, that thing people do around Christmas.  People around the world sign up for a specific themed gift exchange. Back in May I signed up for a Disney Exchange!  After sign-ups are over, you get matched up with a random person and based on their likes, you send them a present.  You will receive a present from a different anonymous person. But it is their choice if they want to reach out to you.

My match that I had to send gifts to was a girl in college.  She wanted some stuff for her apartment.  She was happy to accept the Mickey Mouse trash bin and Jim Shore "Belle" figure I bought her her. 

There was a lot of trouble with my secret santa and I wasn't sure if I would ever get my package.  After two months,  she was able to send me a package. She felt really bad and sent me a ton of stuff! I received a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, a very nice long sleeve button down shirt with a Walt Disney World Patch, a vinylmation, a Mickey Mouse stress ball magnet, a Walt Disney World 2013 vinyl for my car, and a Mickey Mouse plastic cup with straw. I was really happy to say the least.

These gift exchanges on redditgifts are really fun to participate in.  Even though my first exchange was a little rocky, I still enjoyed doing it.  If you want to check out what people have received from previous exchanges, you can click here.  Some of the previous gift exchanges were Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, etc.  It is amazing what some people come up.  A lot of folks hand make items for their match.   This is definitely something I will be participating in again in the future.