Stop Talking in the Movie Theater

It still baffles me how some people are so inconsiderate to others and continue to talk or chit-chat with the person next them while in a movie theater. I know the person sitting in front of them and behind them certainly don't care about what you have to say. They know shouldn't be talking but they still do it anyways. It is a well known throughout the world that you should silence your phone and your mouth so you are not to disturb everyone else around you.

Stop repeating the scene that just unfolded before our eyes. We don't need to hear the line that was just spoken, everyone just fucking heard it. Stop trying to predict what is going to happen next, we don't want to hear it. Stop bringing your baby to the movies with you to the 10pm The Purge showing. I know Seth Rogen and James Franco are playing themselves in This is the End, you don’t need to remind everyone.

I go to the movies almost every weekend. I honestly find the best time to go to the movies is either opening night or a midnight showing. Everyone seeing the movies at that time are the most die hard fans so they respect everyone around them. I go to the movies by myself sometimes, mostly in the morning, and I still find myself to be bother by chatty people. It never fails.

If you are reading this and know someone who commits these heinous acts, tell them to stop talking. I am definitely one to tell people to please be quiet. If you tell them politely, they will be quiet for the rest of the movie. Being rude about it doesn't help the situation. Well sometimes it does.

So please, do yourself and everyone else a favor, shut your mouth while in a movie theater.